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My Approach


What’s the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?


Generally speaking, counselling tends to be more short-term than psychotherapy, and might address a particular issue at a conscious level, taking a solutions-focused approach. Psychotherapy might incorporate these elements, but also considers possible unconscious dynamics, and how early life experiences might have shaped patterns of behaviour in adulthood, to offer a greater sense of personal revelation and choice. Working at this deeper level can provide the potential for lasting healing and change. Psychotherapists must undergo extensive training, continued professional development and personal psychotherapy.

Where are you based?

I can see clients at my Central London (Chancery Lane) and South London (Brixton) locations – both a few minutes’ walk from each of these stations. Please contact me to find out my current availability at these clinics. I also offer sessions online and in Brockwell Park, South London.

Please note: during the COVID-19 outbreak, I am exclusively offering online/outdoor therapy. ​

How many sessions of therapy will I need?


There is no marker to know with certainty how many sessions an individual may need. Short-term therapy seeks to deal with a specific or immediate presenting issue while longer-term therapy can facilitate a greater depth of change at the right pace for the client. This can be a point of discussion during our initial consultation.

Can we talk before I commit to therapy?

I offer a free 20-minute consultation without obligation, so that we can discuss your concerns and how I might be able to help you. I believe it is important for you to 'click' with your therapist, and this call provides an opportunity to get a feel of how we can work well together. 

What are the fees?


I aim to offer affordable psychotherapy. Terms and conditions will be discussed during our initial consultation before any commitment to ongoing therapy is made.

Does my health insurance cover the costs of treatment?

I currently work with the following insurance providers: 

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