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I offer coaching for individuals who wish to develop practical resources for better self-management and leadership. I am a certified Professional Boas Coach (training accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)) and certified practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming.


Coaching is action-oriented and future-focused, offering support towards goals you’d like to achieve or changes you’d like to make. The process works to identify the gaps in your thinking, reflect on your habits and enhance your perception of events, situations and people. 


My therapeutic background offers unique psychological insight behind intrapersonal and interpersonal challenges and how to resolve surfacing issues. I understand the mechanisms that drive behaviour, factoring in the person’s history and the wider cultural systems that they operate in. Having also previously worked in education, I have an understanding of pedagogy, the psychology of learning and the art of effective communication. 


Coaching will help you to reflect, analyse, plan, take action and get results. The 50 minute session will include reflection on and clarification of your values, reconnection to your vision, creation of action steps, discussion and revision of previous strategies. 

Coaching work involves:

  • Identifying and utilising personal strengths.

  • Boosting personal effectiveness and performance.

  • Identifying gaps in communication skills and refining communication.

  • Enhancing personal qualities and leadership skills.

I work collaboratively with my coaching clients to help them realise and actualise their inner resources. Through this process, healthier views and behaviours are learned, resulting in more driven, motivated and committed individuals.


Coaching can take place anytime and anywhere - we can discuss how this can work best to suit your needs. 

Coaching fees to be discussed on contact. 

My Approach
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